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Venture Capital

Venture Capital

Ensuring a vibrant and diverse funding landscape to support Ireland’s entrepreneurs can achieve their potential

With its scale and patient capital approach, ISIF is well placed to support the talented pool of emerging and established entrepreneurs in Ireland. To further this goal, ISIF’s strategy in venture capital is to contribute to a continuum of funding options from start-up through to growth equity and PE, creating a supportive environment for the most promising Irish start-ups to scale and compete in global markets.

As at the end of 2020, ISIF held a mature and well diversified portfolio of nearly €800m of commitments to venture capital partnerships. ISIF’s unique mandate allows it to partner with local venture firms – essential for building and anchoring local syndicates at the earliest stages of company formation – as well as top-tier international firms that bring specialist experience and networks and promise accelerated market access – essential for scaling businesses internationally from Ireland.

ISIF seeks to balance its investments predominantly between IP-driven ICT and life sciences balancing between generalists and sector specialists recognising that there are few sectors not transformed by technology and that the convergence of technologies offers up new opportunities for Ireland to capitalise on.

ISIF’s manager selection process prioritises team experience, diversity, ESG considerations, reputation, track record, firm network (both local and international), degree of LP co-investment, and expected impact in the Irish market.

Venture Capital Investments