Scaling Indigenous Businesses

Scaling Indigenous Businesses

Supporting the scaling of Irish Indigenous Businesses

For Irish businesses to grow and scale, they need access to a broad range of funding options at each stage of their business lifecycle, and ISIF is an important catalyst in making that happen.

ISIF seeks to ensure that there is a vibrant range of funding options available to Irish businesses to support their growth plans. It does this in two principal ways:

  • ISIF is an active investor in venture capital, growth equity, private equity and private credit funds that themselves invest in Irish businesses at various stages of their growth journey (from early-stage start-ups, to more established SMEs to high-growth companies with the potential to become Ireland’s next unicorn). When investing in funds, ISIF looks to commit to managers (both Irish and international) that complement the funding landscape in Ireland and that have an investment focus aligned with ISIF’s objective of growing Irish businesses.
  • ISIF complements the funding options in the wider market by investing directly in businesses where ISIF’s involvement helps unlock growth or economic impact opportunities that might not otherwise proceed. When investing directly, ISIF’s focus is on investing primary capital to support growth opportunities. With the flexibility to invest across the capital structure, ISIF is always a minority shareholder and typically invests alongside other co-investors.

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