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Indigenous Businesses

Indigenous Businesses

Supporting the scaling of Irish Indigenous Businesses

Indigenous Businesses

For Irish businesses to grow, they need access to a broad range of funding options at each stage of their lifecycle (from early-stage venture to established businesses with growth plans).

ISIF seeks to ensure there that there is a vibrant range of funding options available to Irish businesses to support the growth plans. It does this in two principal ways:

  • ISIF is an active investor in venture capital, growth equity, private equity and debt funds that enhance the overall Irish funding landscape. ISIF’s focus is typically on managers that are based in Ireland and on international managers that are willing to make commitments that can deliver a positive impact on economic activity and employment in Ireland.
  • ISIF also invests directly in Irish businesses on commercial terms, with a focus on providing growth capital to larger Irish businesses with an international focus. ISIF can provide capital in the form of equity or debt (in their various forms) and ISIF prefers participating in transactions alongside other co-investors. When investing equity, ISIF is always a minority shareholder (i.e. it does not seek a controlling interest) and ISIF acts as a supportive sovereign partner that can have a long-term investment horizon if needed to support the company’s growth plans.

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