Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture

Scaling Irish Food & Agri businesses to grow internationally with a focus on innovation, added value and sustainability

Food and Agriculture

Ireland’s national Agri-Food strategy, Food Vision 2030 has a goal for Ireland to become a world leader in sustainable food systems over the next decade by balancing climate, smart agriculture, environmental and economic sustainability, health and innovation. ISIF's vision is to support the delivery of this goal.

ISIF Food and Agriculture strategy aims to support Irish Food and Agriculture businesses scale and grow. There will be an emphasis on, innovation, climate change, sustainability, and emerging markets.

ISIF is supporting emissions reduction and will seek to developing new opportunities that arise through the low carbon transition by leveraging our natural advantages and industry capability.

ISIF will help develop new sectors where Ireland has a competitive advantage through our climate, natural resources and industry capability such as aquaculture, plant-based foods, and alternative crops, circular & Bio economy, marine resources, Agtech, Foodtech.

ISIF will support de-carbonisation in Agriculture through areas such as farm based biomethane, carbon sequestration in soils, peatland, forestry and marine biomass.

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