Food & Agriculture

Food & Agriculture

Scaling Irish Food & Agri businesses to grow internationally with a focus on innovation, added value and sustainability

Food and Agriculture

Food and agriculture is Ireland’s largest indigenous sector with exports of €16.7bn to 180 countries representing 38% of the exports of all Irish owned firms and employing 170,040 people across rural Ireland.

Ireland’s national agri-food strategy, Food Vision 2030, has a goal for Ireland to become a world leader in sustainable food systems over the next decade by balancing climate, smart agriculture, environmental and economic sustainability, health, and innovation. This should deliver significant benefits for the Irish agri-food sector, for Irish society and the environment. It should also provide the basis for future competitive advantage.

ISIF’s food and agriculture investment strategy aims to support the transition of the Irish food and agriculture sector to become a world leader in sustainable food systems. ISIF will support Ireland’s leading indigenous food companies to scale and grow internationally, invest in food-tech and agtech opportunities that will support the transition to sustainability and deliver innovative solutions to support the delivery of the ambitious climate targets for agriculture. ISIF will also invest to support the development of new sectors where Ireland can develop a competitive advantage to scale and grow.

ISIF has committed just over €100m in 2022 to investments that support Irish indigenous companies scale into new international markets away from traditional ones, meet climate targets and help to scale a new emerging sector. These investments complement existing investments across indigenous companies, agtech, food-tech, forestry and financing platforms.

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