Positioning Ireland for a net zero carbon economy

ISIF has to date invested over €450m in climate-related investments, ranging from renewable energy, to innovative technology companies, to forestry investments. ISIF will target investments and partnerships that can materially advance the decarbonisation of the Irish economy (and contribute to decarbonisation initiatives throughout the world) in the short, medium, and long term.

The ISIF Climate strategy encompasses all areas of the economy where carbon emissions are present (e.g. energy, transport, built environment, waste and enterprise), and includes other thematic investment areas that will be key to transitioning to a Net Zero economy (e.g. hydrogen, carbon removal/climate repair). ISIF will seek to focus its activity and capital on those areas where it can achieve the biggest contribution to achieving Net Zero. The ISIF Climate investment strategy has two main components. Firstly, supporting the sustainable infrastructural requirements of the Irish economy out to 2030 in key areas where carbon emissions are prevalent, as outlined in the government’s Climate Action Plan and secondly, in funding the development of new technologies and business models that will support the transition of the Irish economy to Net Zero beyond 2030, and before 2050.

ISIF will seek to partner with world class investors, corporates, and entrepreneurs, both in Ireland and internationally, that share our commitment to achieving Net Zero and have the capabilities and ambition to deliver on this vision.

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