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Since inception, investment in the development of new housing has been a key area of focus for ISIF. The core philosophy of ISIF’s housing investment programme is to support the development of mass market homes across a range of dwelling types and tenure. To date, ISIF has committed over €930m to housing-related investments, all of which are targeting the commercial development of new homes. ISIF’s commitments are currently funding the development of 15,000 new homes across more than 100 sites nationwide.

ISIF has taken a leadership role in investing in Irish housing to help fill capital gaps and attract external capital to the market. As a result of this, ISIF’s housing investment programme has unlocked over €3.2bn of new housing investment.

As an embedded investor in the Irish market, ISIF is uniquely positioned to contribute to housing delivery in Ireland on an ongoing basis. ISIF partners with established funding and development partners to optimise the impact of its capital across a wide range of housing-related projects, and we continue to invest in new homebuilding opportunities which can accelerate the supply of new homes nationwide.

Housing Investments