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In line with our mandate and the current investment landscape in Ireland, the Fund’s ultimate investment portfolio will include investments across a range of sectors including infrastructure (such as water, energy and PPPs), housing, the SME sector (including equity, mezzanine and credit investments), food and agriculture, real estate based investments, venture capital, and private equity.

Looking to the longer term, the Fund’s mandate also offers the possibility for investment in new areas of potential competitive advantage for the Irish economy and to have a material positive impact over time.

The size and nature of the market opportunity for the Fund in Ireland is highly uncertain. While initial estimates based on best available information have been made of the investment gap in each of the main sectors under consideration, these estimates will be subject to constant revision. The investment opportunities we expect may not materialise and alternative routes to deploying investment will need to be devised and implemented.

The illustrative ISIF portfolio is based on an assumed participation by the Fund in 25%, on average, of the estimated available and suitable investment opportunities. It is anticipated that it will take 3 to 5 years to deploy the funds.

The most important point in relation to the illustrative Fund portfolio is that the bucket sizes should be regarded as purely indicative and that they will inevitably change in light of the transaction opportunity set that can be developed.

ISIF Illustrative Allocation

BucketTheme€m+/- range
2x multiple14,800
1Water700+/- 100m
2Infrastructure850+/- 150m
3Energy800+/- 100m
4SMEs900+/- 200m
5Food & Agriculture500+/- 50m
6Real Estate Based Businesses1,000+/- 200m
7Venture500+/- 50m
8Direct Private Equity400+/- 40m
9Innovation/Big Idea1,000+/- 200m
10Other750+/- 50m
Total fund size:7,400
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